Your home’s soffit and fascia are extremely important to the structural integrity of your home. Are you looking for a dependable team to install or repair your home’s soffit, fascia, downspouts or eavestroughs? Blind River Construction can help you with that! Our team of professionals at Blind River Construction have the experience and dedication to help you achieve your project goals for your new home exterior. We have a reputation for being a contractor you can trust, see for yourself what Blind River Construction can do for you. Contact us today for a free estimate.



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Your home’s soffit and fascia are extremely important to the structural integrity of your home. Each supporting your eavestrough and downspouts. Soffit provides ventilation to the attic and exterior walls of your home keeping out rodents, pests and the elements while also adding an architectural design element to your home. Fascia is the band under the edge of your roof or forming the roof’s edge, typically consisting of a wooden board, uPVC or a non-corrosive sheet metal.

We provide install and repair services for your home’s soffit, fascia, eavestroughs, gutters, window and door trims providing aluminum, cedar, lux panel, smart board or steel materials depending on environmental and aesthetic factors. Our materials are designed for easy upkeep, and a high-performance finish that won’t blister, flake or peel. Maintenance is easier than wood products due to its inability to split, warp or rot. We also provide Lux Panel and Cedar options that provide great protection from the elements.


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